Texas Drivers Licence Learning Permit Written Knowledge Test Practice

Texas Drivers Licence Learning Permit Written test Knowledge Test Practice Test Official Drivers Manual Handbook pdf

In this article, we cover the essential details about the Knowledge Test / Written test that is required to be completed by all eligible persons applying for a Drivers Licence or Permit in the state of Texas

The authority conducting the required assessments and issuing the driving license is the Department of Motor Vehicles (vehicle registration and title) and Driver License Division (driver licensing) (Vehicle titles and registration were formerly provided by the Texas Department of Transportation, however these services were transferred to the new Texas Department of Motor Vehicles (TxDMV), effective November 1, 2009.

The Driver License Division is a division of the Texas Department of Public Safety.)

Licensing Authority

Texas Department of Public Safety

Is ‘Hardship Licence’ available for eligible minors in this state ?

Yes, see notes.

Minimum age for learner’s permit

15 years

Minimum Age for Restricted Licence

16 years

Minimum Age for Full Unrestricted Licence

18 years

Validity period of the full (unrestricted) license

6 years (84 and younger); 2 years (85 and older)

Notes / Comments

Learner’s must complete the classroom portion of driver training to receive a permit. Permit holders must be with someone age 21 while driving, also must be held for six months and learner must reach age 16 to get restricted license. Drivers with a restricted license (under 18 years old) may drive with no more than one other person under 21 who is not a family member as per TRC 545.424, may not drive from 1 a.m. to 5 a.m., and cannot use a cell phone while driving for the first six months.

As of March 1, 2010, anyone age 18 through 24 must complete an approved driver education course and driving skills test to become licensed in the state of Texas in accordance with Texas Senate Bill 1317. Provisions of this law only apply to first-time Texas driver’s license applicants.

Note: In Texas, for a minor to obtain a hardship license, the minor must be aged 14 to 18 years old; must have an unusual economic hardship on the minor’s family, the sickness or illness of a member of the minor’s family, or he or she is regularly enrolled in a vocational education program and requires a driver license to pursue the program and has completed an approved course in driver education. To obtain the pertinent form, called the DL 77 form, go to.

The complete and official details about the procedure to obtain a Learner’s permit and various classes of driving licences Texas State are available on the official website. You can also download or fill online the required forms and understand the procedure for scheduling your essential written / knowledge tests.

Link to the official DOT / MOT / DMV website

Click on this link to access the official DOT / MOT / DMV website for the information and documents required for applying for a new Learner’s Permit, Driver’s License or renewal / reissue of current or expired Licences. Texas

2020 Texas State Drivers Manual

The questions in the Texas state Drivers Knowledge Test / Written test are derived from the official drivers manual. You should be thoroughly familiar with various aspects including highway signs, traffic signals and pavement markings, vehicle safety responsibility, right-of-way, signals, signs and markers, rules about parking, stopping, and standing, alcohol and drug impact on the driving ability (DUI rules) as applicable in the state.

You can download a soft copy (PDF) of the manual from this link : Texas State Driver’s Manual Download Link (PDF)

2020 Texas State Drivers Written Test / Knowledge Test

Before being permitted to drive / learn driving in a motor vehicle, one of the first steps is to clear a written / knowledge test that assesses your theoretical knowledge of the driving rules in the state. The test may be conducted in a Paper / Pen or a Computer based Testing mode. (A normal computer terminal or a touch screen device.) Take and pass the knowledge and driving tests.

You may complete the testing requirements at the DL office or through a Third Party provider. There are forty questions in multiple choice format on the Texas DPS written exam.

Total number of questions in the 2020 Knowledge test

40 Objective Type Questions

Minimum number of questions to be answered correctly to pass

32 Questions

Minimum number of questions to be answered correctly to pass the DMV / MOT / DOT Knowledge Test (in terms of % of total questions)

80% of the questions have to be answered correctly in total

Maximum Errors allowed in the Written / Knowledge test

Up to 8 errors in total

Negative Marking

There is no negative marking in the Drivers Permit / License Written or Knowledge Test 2020.

Retaking the DMV / MOT / DOT Licence or Permit Written or Knowledge Test

Refer to the Driver’s Manual for details on the re-test procedure if you do not clear the Knowledge test in the first attempt. In general, you are allowed to retake the test with a reasonable time gap between each attempt.

You may have to pay the full testing fees for every attempt. In some cases, a longer time period may be required after a series of unsuccessful attempts, to ensure that the applicant has enough time to practice adequately for the next attempt.

MagicExam Practice tests 2020

Why should you use the MagicExam Practice tests to prepare for the Texas DMV / MOT / DOT 2020 Knowledge Written test ?

Less then 50% of the first time test takers clear the Knowledge test. Though all the questions are based on the Driver’s Manual, the document may be a little too extensive, preventing effective preparation.

Our Practice Test Question bank consists of all the important aspects from the manual in an easy to understand and remember Objective Questions format. With our online practice tests, the questions and answer choices are shuffled with every attempt and you can practice each test unlimited number of times till you consistently score higher than the minimum pass percentage.

When you take the real test, you will have already practiced enough questions and you should be able to complete the test within the limited time. Our tests are based on a question bank of more than 700 state-specific questions that cover every topic you’ll be tested on.

By practicing with our mock tests, you save money in retest costs, save time and effort.

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